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Should The Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sport Be Legalized?

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Should the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport be legalized?

By: Evan

Performance-enhancing drugs (PED‘s) have become a major issue in today’s sports world. Some people may think that PED’s in sport should be legalized because of the fact that they improve the level of sport and that the harm is worth the fame and glory. The negative factors of legalizing PED’s in sport outweigh the positive factors. Performance-enhancing drugs should not be legalized in sport because they take away from the true origin of sport, taking them can lead to life-threatening health issues, and the athletes who are taking them are setting a bad example for the youth who are the ...view middle of the document...

). There are numerous incidents where people have gone crazy due to overdose of performance-enhancing drugs, commonly called “roid rage.” For example, Chris Benoit a professional wrestler who overdosed and ended up killing himself, his wife and his son. Another example of someone who died from the use of PED’s would be Ken Caminiti. A baseball player who passed away in 2004 from a heart attack due to overdose of anabolic steroids. These are just some of the many athletes that have suffered the consequences of taking PED‘s. There has also been many recorded reports of high school athletes who took illegal PED’s and are now suffering from the terrible effects that come from taking them.

In today’s world, elite athletes account for a large percentage of role models for the younger generation. Professional athletes should promote that hard work and dedication to sport is what will make you a better athlete, rather than cheating and taking the quick easy way of illegal performance-enhancing drugs. People look up to these athletes because of...

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