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Should The Holocaust Be Taught In Schools

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The holocaust is a very controversial subject as of the massacre surrounding it.
Should the holocaust be taught in schools? The holocaust was a horrible event in the history of the modern world. Millions of people were needlessly and ruthlessly exterminated at the hands of the nazis. There are few people in Britain who feel that the Holocaust should not be taught in schools. Whilst it is important to teach about the holocaust to children, it will be in vain if we do not know why we do it. One of the most important reasons has been summed up rather well by george Santayana, an American philosopher and poet. His famous line is, "thouse who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." in spirit, this unoriginal quotations says that if you do not learn what went wrong in the past, then the same mistake you make.
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People were afraid and they didn't understand what was happening. if this is ever going to happen again, we want everyone to be aware of it so it can be stopped.
It's also an important lesson in acting non-judgemental and caring about everyone regardless of skin colour, religion, ect. as this may prevent racism in schools and generally around our lifetimes. Everyone is equal and this is one way of demonstrating that. It's something that people need to be aware of as not just because its historical face but also out of respect too the people that lost their lives just because of a god they worshiped or a family they were born into.
By teaching students about the holocaust we can also help cut down on bullying in schools. It can show that, that type of behaviour is simply a mirror for that type of disgusting thoughts on other peoples beliefs. I think its important that we are aware of this and to do everything with our will-power to help this from never happening again. Learning about the holocaust speaks to people with its graphic images and its horrible facts. In today's world we are becoming ever more global and it is important that students are aware that just because someone talks in another language, has a different skin colour or practices a different religion, they are all still people, humans.
People say because of the graphical sense of the holocaust that teaching young children about the violence that it can be inflicted into their minds, but in out lifetime children from high-schools are constantly watching horror films, the news, swearing, violence and teaching them about what can happen and the disgusting facts surrounding the time can help them prevent and put them in the mind-set that violence is wrong.
I believe that the holocaust should be taught into schools education because although sub-consciencly it can have an affect in teaching you that violence is wrong it can also be a fascinating subject to be taught as it can show how one mans beliefs can affect the entire world for hundreds of years

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