Should The Drinking Age Be Lowered To 18?

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Should the Legal Drinking Age be lowered to 18?

Ryan A. Conklin is a soldier who enlisted into the Army at the age of 17. He was deployed to Iraq when he was just 20 years old. In his book, he wrote about his daily duties of a soldier in Iraq and all of the sights and sounds that he witnessed. He makes a comment in his book about the drinking age in the United States. He states “I was twenty years old, and on April Fools’ Day, I would turn twenty-one finally legal to drink in a bar. Unfortunately, I was two-and-a-half years into serving my country and was living in a combat zone, and I found it odd that until then I was still not allowed to drink alcohol in the States. A law I hope will ...view middle of the document...

Not only are the individuals in the army fighting to lower the drinking age, but many other people who are not in the armed forces are as well. It should be in the rights Americans get when they reach 18 years old. According to article, “The Minimum Drinking Age Should Be Lowered” when an individual l reaches the age of 18 years that individual “[they] can buy and smoke cigarettes, purchase property, strike binding legal contracts, take out a loan, vote, hold office, serve on a jury, or adopt a child. However, at 18, they cannot simply purchase or consume alcohol. When someone who is 18 years old commits a crime, they can be charged and tried as an adult, as well as, if the crime is severe enough, they can be executed. Also, there could be other individuals on the jury who are 18 years of age deciding the fate of another persons’ life. An individual can also be married to someone without the consent of a parent or legal guardian when they turn 18. Another right that an individual receives when they turn 18 is the ability to be power of attorney over someone else. This means that they can now decide what treatment is provided to someone, most likely family members, that are in the hospital and cannot make decisions for themselves. An 18 year old person can once again decide the fate of someone’s’ life but cannot order or drink a beer. Last, but most interesting is the fact that individuals who are 18 can legally get a job as a bartender in 24 states. The bartenders are responsible for making and serving alcoholic beverages as well as deciding when that person has had enough to drink that. If an 18 year old individual, who is a bartender, is mature and responsible enough to do this, why can’t they simply order and drink a beer themselves.
When it comes down to partaking in underage or illegal activities, kids strive to be “rebels.” According to “The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism”, “there are some risk factors such as heredity, environmental status and how big of a risk taker that teenager is Teenagers who grow up in a household with alcohol abuse are more likely to abuse alcohol themselves when they get older.” However, with the right education about alcohol, it can be corrected during teenage years. If the drinking age gets lowered to the age of 18, alcohol will become part of the normal lifestyle like it is in Europe. Teenagers in Europe grew up with alcohol in their lives and are allowed to drink at the age of 18. They have more knowledge and education about the subject than adults do in the United States. Even though the driving age in Europe is much higher than it is in the United States, the young adults in Europe still have access to things like mopeds, go carts and other vehicles.
Many college and high school students are already binge drinking on a weekly basis when they get that right because they were never taught about the responsibility of drinking. There are theories that if the law is lowered back down to...

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