Should The Death Penalty Be Abolished?

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Should the Death Penalty be abolished?
The international trend of stopping executing and abolishing the death penalty is obvious. For example, in 2011, there are nearly 200 countries in the world but only 21 countries execute the death penalty. In addition, 140 countries have already abolished the death penalty legally and practically (i.e. stop executing the death penalty). In the US, 17 states abolished the death penalty or sentenced the death penalty unconstitutional, including New Jersey (2007), New York (2007), New Mexico (2009), Illinois (2011) and Connecticut (2012). There are also a numbers of states that have suspended executions for many years.
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Deprivation of life for the members of the community is an important power, and the public authority can not allow this kind of power to be a private ownership. As the result, the death penalty is the monopoly of this right by public authority. This case created the second dimension: the rights among social communities and social members.
Most people believe that the death penalty is essential to today’s society from the perspective of justice and emotional basis, but the abolishment of death penalty is actually the determinant of justice and the necessary step for the positive progress in law. Hence, abolishment of death penalty should be advocated.
Sometimes, those people who firmly oppose the abolishment of the death penalty regard those who support the abolishment as the accomplices of the murderer, fighting against the victims. These people stand for a quick, simple, and unrecoverable punishment to the murderer. This kind of fever cause the difficulty to abolish the death penalty. and there are the main perspectives those supporter hold :
The performance of justice: In the 18th century, the philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) and G.W.F.Hegel (1770-1830) treated punishments, especially the punishment depriving life as an “absolute requirement for justice” (enie absolute forderung der Gerechtigkeit), and they believed that there are no other approaches to fulfill justice. Therefore, for some citizens, the execution of the death penalty and its whole system represent not only justice, but also a sense of security . If the death penalty has been abolished, those citizens might mentally feel under threat. This mental connection is hard to change.
Deterrence Theory: It is the most important theory and the purpose of all the punishments. The most common debate is whether the death penalty can deter the serious crime happened in the future or, to be more precise, has the effect on saving innocent people’s lives. If the effect of the execution can really save the innocents’ lives, it should still be worthwhile, even for one person. This proposition certainly applies to serious criminals, especially those murderers without erroneous judgement in the procedure. As the result, Deterrence Theory becomes the most strong claim that the penalty supporters hold.
Isolation from society: The criminals sentenced to death are too evil to reform themselves but cause heavy panic to the society and put other citizen into danger. The government would rather isolate them from the world than deal with their externality.
Economic Principle: Accordingly, death penalty is not the only approach to isolate criminals from the world. For example, a life sentence can achieve the goal as well. However, to lease the fiscal burden of the government, executing the death penalty is more economical than other penalties, which may not be more humane. In order to match the Economic Principle, the government may use the limited budget to rectify those misdemeanors instead...

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