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Should The Artic National Wildlife Refuge Be Opened To Oil Drilling

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Should the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Be Opened to Oil Drilling?
SCI207 Dependence of Man on the environment
July 11, 2010


The rising cost of gas has been a great debate for consumers and congress. Currently the price of gas is between $2.71 to 3.39 depending on what state you live in. Consumers are finding it more and more disturbing that gas is increasing what is it going to take to make the prices decrease? Is oil drilling here in the United Stated the best thing to do?

Oil Drilling has been a topic for our government for years. It seems that the debate is that oil should be drilled hear in ...view middle of the document...

In 1870 the first national park was created. Later in 1964, the Wilderness Act was put into place to make sure that humans would not invade these areas. Animals are entitled to have their own space.
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) was evaluated and found to have oil and gas on the land. Congress wanted to explore this area due to the fact it could bring money to the United States and it would also not have the United States be dependent upon getting oil from other countries.
Congress wanted to have legislation pass so that oil could be drilled in Alaska on the ANWR but President Clinton vetoed the bill. In 2003, an attempt to link the need for arctic oil to the war in Iraq was failed by the senate. President Bush, later tried to get the vote passed for ANWR for oil drilling. The House voted yes but the senate voted no so the bill was not passed.
The House stated that there was no possible reason as to why it was impossible to drill oil in Alaska. Dwight Lee went before the senate committee to explain his reasoning as to why drilling should take place. ANWR is the largest of Alaska’s sixteen national wildlife refuges with 19.6 million acres. (Lee, 2001) By drilling oil in Alaska it would help reduce the way the United States is dependent upon foreign sources. If the oil companies were very careful in the areas that they drill in it would not affect all of the remaining area. The oil companies want to protect the animals by using only a portion of the area. Lee has also found out that when you have private property that it can bring about a different set of rules for oil drilling. The Audubon Society owns the Rainey Wildlife Sanctuary. The land is 26,000 acres in Louisiana it is home for many species. The sanctuary has oil and gas on it acres in which the Audubon has allowed thirty seven wells to pump gas and oil and in return have received more than $25 million dollars. (Lee, 2001)
If ANWR was to allow drilling to take place just as Audubon has could also receive millions of dollars. If both House of Representatives along with the Senate voted yes to oil drilling it could reduce the deficit and create jobs for people right here in the United States.
Author Lisa Speer, wrote an article in which she states that the biggest portion in Alaska to drill for oil is along the coastal plain the area is a 20 to 40 mile tundra. This area is heavily supported by polar bears, grizzlies, musk oxen, waterfowl, birds and Porcupine Caribou herd.(Speer, 1989) This area is where most of the oil drilling could take place if allowed but it is not allowed by oil companies currently for drilling. The oil companies feel that it will have little effect at all on the animals.
Pursing oil in Alaska would also increase the amount of gas per gallon consumers use while also decreasing the cost of the amount of oil and natural gas spent during the winter months to heat homes. President Reagan and President Bush was...

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