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Should Student Athletes Get Paid? Essay

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Thomas Bessinger
Professor Hortman
February 18, 2014
Should Student-Athletes get paid?
A very popular question that has been lingering around the sports world for sometime now is whether or not student-athletes should get paid. There are a lot of different opinions about this topic. The NCAA does not allow student-athletes to receive any type of benefits of any kind from the university; if the student-athlete does, he is no longer an amateur athlete and can no longer compete at the college level. This problem has been common over the past years and is causing athletes and universities to be penalized. If the NCAA would allow student-athletes to receive some benefits this would not be as ...view middle of the document...

The football program generated 82 million dollars of that revenue (Beck, 2013). On average the cost to attend college over four years is about 100,000 dollars, which does not include all of the expenses. Just because a student-athlete receives a full scholarship does not mean everything needed for college is paid for. The student-athlete may need money for traveling to and from their hometown, groceries, and certain school fees the NCAA mandates that school cannot pay. It just seems very unfair for the universities to be able to profit millions of dollars in one year off of these student-athletes and the student-athletes not being able to receive a small cut from the money they are bringing in.

Student-athletes also bring interest to the school for the regular college student. If the school has a successful athletic program it certainly draws the interest of students who are looking to attend the school. Athletics gives students something to be proud of and gives them ways to support their school. Students tend to take how their athletic teams are doing very seriously. Football and basketball success significantly increase the quantity of applications to a school, with estimates ranging from 2-8% for the top 20 football schools and the top 16 basketball schools each year (Pope, 2009). So not only looking at it from a sports view, the students-athletes are causing an increase in enrollment for their performance on the field. And once again the athlete certainly receives nothing from this.
It is nearly impossible for a student-athlete to work a job, play his sport, and attend school. “On a typical day, a player will wake up before classes, get a lift or conditioning session in, go to class until 3 or 4 p.m., go to practice, go to mandatory study hall, and then finish homework or study for a test” (Hartnett, 2013). Harnett goes on to explain how his roommate in college worked a job late at night to earn some extra money and tells how he was exhausted everyday. When the season came around, he was unable to work because of the traveling the team would have to do. This is a perfect example that shows why student-athletes cannot work a job and play their respective sports. It is just too much and cannot be done because of the traveling that is done during the season due to away games.
The National Collegiate Athletic Association, also known as the NCAA, is a nonprofit organization founded by Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. Since then the NCAA has grown into one of the most popular organizations in the...

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