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Should Student Atheltes Be Paid? Essay

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Collegiate sports are a major business for many universities in this country. Schools generate billions of dollars each year from their sports programs, such as football, basketball, and baseball. The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) prohibits payments that stems beyond educational scholarships to athletes that are responsible for producing such revenues. All though many people believe that this is wrong, I’m actually a little liberal with the rule.
Education for me is the most important thing that anyone can achieve and carry on with them throughout one’s life. Just to be able to go to college is a blessing in its self. Not everyone gets that opportunity, let alone have ...view middle of the document...

The schools that actually make a profit from these programs, which is only about 12 division I schools in the nation, that money goes to support the other programs that fell into financial debt. So how will these schools be able to pay their athletes? Institutions like Ohio State and Stanford, which produce major revenue from their basketball and football programs, would be able to pay for players but what about the thousands of other universities that can’t?
In a recent study completed by the National College Players Association, they estimate that football players in Football Bowl Series institutions (Division 1 schools) have an average market value of $121,048. Schools sell jerseys’ of their star players each year. It can be argued that players do deserve some compensation for giving away their identities as marketable commodities. Shouldn’t they receive some of those royalties? Some people may seem to think so.
An article in the NY Times made a very good proposal that the universities can and should have a salary cap and salary for each sport. It goes into stating that by reducing the number of scholarships, it frees up money to have a salary cap per team at $25,000 (which will allow coaches to pay for star players). It also would allow student athletes to put money in their pockets and participate in student life in a more normal way (Nocera, 2012). Does this mean that they won’t receive any scholarships and just be paid to play? Will this be enough to cover all...

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