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Should Social Network Be Banned Or Not

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Ning Xi
Should Social Network Be Banned or Not
With the social network being more and more popular among young people, some researches were conducted to find out its importance and influence to the users. For instance, a university in Pennsylvania is trying to block social network like Facebook, Twitter on the campus, which resulted in many controversy (Gonzalez, 2010). So should other universities like UD do the same thing? The answer is that, besides under certain circumstance, when the complete forbidding is necessary, students should be free to access social network, because university does not have the right to prevent students from benefiting from it, ...view middle of the document...

From this way their friendship will be strengthened and their friends circle will be expanded. Besides, social network is a good platform for students to express personal feelings and share their personal views, where they can act in the way they like and always be themselves. Also, students can get the first-hand information and keep up with the dramatically developing culture and society. For those full-time college students, generally they spend about 5 hours in class, which accounts for a large proportion of their whole day and is a significant part of students’ lives. From this aspect, forbidding social network on campus means destroying many opportunities for students to benefit from those merits mentioned above. Therefore, social network should not be prevented completely on campus.
Moreover, social network can help students to reduce stress. Recently, many students are complaining that homework like essays, presentations, readings are too much, and they are also suffering the pressures from frequent quiz and exams. Especially when the essay deadline or the finals are coming, students with extremely exhausted faces are everywhere, and usually they are easy to get upset or angry. It seems that the release from social network is very necessary for campus students under such circumstance. Between classes,...

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