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Should Shakespeare Be Taught In School

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Some believe that Shakespeare should not be taught in schools anymore. Do you believe this to be true and why?

Yumi Shek(21)8C

Shakespeare should be taught in school. He was the father of language; his contributions to literature had helped us to improve our English and learn more about the past. The beauty of 37 plays and 154 sonnets are absolutely amazing, although they are difficult to learn, but by understanding his plays, we have taken a huge stop towards modern English, cause his plays and sonnets have deeper thoughts.

William Shakespeare is world famous dramatist. His plays are still performed widely over the world nowadays. His writings had been translated into over ...view middle of the document...

The plays teach us life lessons, “he understood that on some level, nearly everyone wants the same thing: everyone wants to feel love and compassion for others; to be loved in return; to eat, drink and sleep in peace and safety; to survive in a larger world and to live a life that has meaning, a life that somehow serve a greater good.” (P.5 Tales from Shakespeare) Shakespeare showed us about ourselves when we read his plays, learning more about your personality and life. “he explores and celebrates the wondrous complexity of human life. His characters come alive for us. They make us believe in their reality and convince us to care about their fate” (quote from William Shakespeare P.8) he plays are mostly about love and jealously, friendship and betrayal (Much Ado About Nothing), politics and ambition, he shows how people struggles to understand lives, and he gave us spaces to understand more about ourselves, and to think about it, and becoming more aware of our own human condition. “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”- Twelfth Night “Who can control his fate?”- Othello, “it is not enough to speak, but to speak true.”-A Midsummer Night Dream. These quotes from the stories are example of lessons that we can learn.

Written poems and plays have such impact to people, by reading through his plays, we learn to look at the deeper meaning under a message, cause Shakespeare ‘s plays contain hard vocabularies and it’s not modern language. By learning and understanding his plays, we are taking a important lessons and building experiences for reading other writer’s literature in the future. Analyzing Shakespeare’s plays or sonnets, make other poems incredibly easy to understand cause there are not much detailed things in other poems, Shakespeare’s plays have so much detail we need to pay attention to. He has always remained a difficult learning, student must reach to a high standard of knowledge in order to understand the plays.

Shakespeare is the father of drama and English literature, the plays are very diverse, covering many themes, like history, fantasy and numerous allusions. Layers of information on top of the surface of the truth, which are very complex, having the mind of a detective, think beyond the truth, learning more valuable lessons. Shakespeare’s writing contain more ideas than other writer’s works, these ideas are more elaborated amongst all others. Plays like Romeo and Juliet are act by students and actors in school or in auditorium regularly. Shakespeare shouldn’t only be taught in English class, it should also be taught in Drama and History, covering a large variety...

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