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Should Sex And Violence On Television Be Restricted?

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Yaniris Tavera 0520335
TESC November 2012
Enc-101 OL

Should sex and violence on television be restricted?

The debate over sex and violence on television has been going on for several

years. Many researchers have supported, while a few are against restrictions. There are

various negative factors of sex and violence on television, such as creating fear,

aggressive, crimes and many more. This essay is going to discuss the reasons why sex

and violence on television should be restricted.

Some television programs, like guns, murders, shooting, explosions, punching,

screaming stabbing, car chases, disasters, death and smashes ...view middle of the document...

These adverts encourage deprived

eating habit, plus snacks while viewing television this leads to obesity.

According to the Act against violence, the violent deeps are learned, that is

whatever a kid learn at an early ages will have a greater impacts in their lives. Eighty one

percent of parents have witnessed their children imitating either positive or negative

behaviors from television that is Kaiser Foundation report. Therefore, children can

imitate live model also what they have seen on television with no clear understanding of

their actions.

The researchers from the university of Michigan says that children who uses

most of their time watching television they become aggressive adults. It demonstrated

that women and men who views violent television programs are more likely to show

violent propensities as adult. The report still confirmed that violent programs that most

likely have the majority harmful effects on children’s cognitive advancement are those

hero is defensible in being violent and children are most probably to imitate the hero.

Since television has exposure both children and adult to impressive the

telecommunications Act (1996) stated that,...

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