Should Prostitution Be Legalized And Regulated By The Government?

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Should Prostitution be Legalized and Regulated by the Government?

When we examine sex as a trade, the combination of philosophy, cultural precedence, religious influence and politics made each country select how to handle it in its own way. In Singapore, sex for money is open and commonplace. Denmark women can be legal prostitutes so long as it is not their sole means of income; Canada, France and Mexico allow it. Prostitutes must be contained within brothels in the Netherlands, unlike within England and Wales where prostitution is limited to individual providers. Israel, the historical stage for the Bible allows it too.
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Families on the other hand promote other families and the dependence on those families creates stabilization. Religionists, economists and successful philanthropists want to preserve the status quo model. 'Why change a good thing' would be their argument to that, one would have to point to the futility of prohibitionist philosophies. Alcohol consumption of the 1920s along with present-day indicators (like homicide rates, divorce rates and continued women's rights issues) might tell us a different story.
Maybe the entire economy depends on the family, or does it? In a capitalistic country like The United States, the economy is tied mainly to the goods it sells, the more consumers and the more they purchase, the better off the country is as a whole. Having and promoting families is a way of continuing the steady-state economy.
The status quo is a poor health-safety plan. With sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and herpes, prostitutes must be monitored to prevent the spread of these afflictions. Chancroid, a STD typically found in third world nations, is occurring in places throughout the U.S. due to transmission brought on through illegal prostitution (Schmid, Sanders, Blount & Alexander, 1987). Chancroid makes ulcers in the vagina that assist with the spread of HIV/AIDS. It makes practical sense to monitor prostitution and what better way is there to monitor it than by legalizing it and regulating it? Legalization would require prostitutes to undergo regular medical examinations. STDs would be prevented from being spread as well as other communicable ailments like hepatitis and tuberculosis. It would also reduce gender violence, allow women to escape prostitution, if they so choose, and prevent women from becoming infertile as a consequence to obtaining certain STDs.
The prostitution market is driven by customer demand for sexual service. During WW II, the Japanese military forced from 100,000 to 200,000 Korean women into prostitution to service their military. (Kathleen Barry, The Prostitution of Sexuality, 1995, New York, New York University Press). The prostitution industry also harms women in wider society; Normalising prostitution normalises an extreme form of sexual subordination and...

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