Should Pr Be Introduced To Westminster?

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Proportional representation is a form of voting system, where the amount of votes gained by a party are proportional to the number of seats they gain in the House of Commons. There are four types of proportional systems which are: Additional member system, Single transferable vote system, party list and also supplementary vote. AMS is used for elections to the Scottish parliament, welsh assembly, northern Ireland assembly and even the greater London assembly, in fact it is the second most substantial voting system in the UK. STV has been used for local elections in Northern Ireland since 1973 and is also the system that elected the Northern Ireland Assembly ever since it was used for this ...view middle of the document...

6% of the seats which shows the disproportionality of the number of votes and the number of seats.
Less votes would be wasted if PR was to be used since FPTP tends to waste a huge amount of votes since the votes made by the people of a constituency would be wasted on a losing candidate. The MP’s that are elected using first past the post tend to win on a minority vote rather than a majority vote. 334 candidates were elected in 1997 with a low amount of votes in their constituency – under 50% to be precise – among these candidates who won their election was the Liberal democrat David Ward who is the MP for Bradford East, he only one his election by gaining 33.71% of the votes, which could be used to show how much votes are wasted using this voting system.
Proportional representation would guarantee that the parties would have to appeal to their core supporters rather than only appealing to a small number which is called ‘swing voters’. First past the post is known to favour political parties with concentrated regional support rather than parties that have a wide spread of support throughout the country. For example, the British national party could benefit from this type of voting system since they can reduce their audience to a few constituencies and this could possibly lead to them gaining a seat since they have concentrated regional support due to their campaigns in specific areas of the country.
Proportional representation is said to offers a more representative choice for voters, since it is not bias towards particular parties unlike First past the post since this voting system is believed to be systematically bias because the disproportionality of first past the post is not unplanned. This disproportionality of FPTP is generally due to the size of party and the distribution of support. Usually the larger parties benefit more in the elections than the smaller parties, this is due to the ‘winner takes all’ system we use, and all of the representation for a constituency is gained by a single party representative. Voters tend to avoid voting for small parties since they are led to believe that the small parties are unlikely to win seats and very unlikely to win elections. They are led to believe that if they vote for these small parties, it will be classified as a wasted vote, this then leads to the majority of people voting for large parties since they would have a better chance of getting seats and winning elections.
However, proportional...

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