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Should Police Officer Be Called Warriors

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When I think of a warrior it's a man/woman engaged or active in warfare, battle, struggle or even some type of conflict. The word warrior to some people is fighting to protect their own rights, land, and freedom. A lot of police officer's definitely goes through that on a daily basics when they put that uniform on; they are even consider a warriors on their off duty time. Police Officers are put on the front line of the streets trying to protect and serve us daily. That's a fight within it's self because people in this world is hard to deal with no matter how you look at it. They try to solve everyone problems they come in contact with regardless how big or little the situation ...view middle of the document...

The bad thing is that we don't know if they will make it back home to their families without any harm done to them. I can definitely relate to everything they go through daily when putting on my uniform.

The acronym COPPS means Community-oriented policing and problem solving that doesn't compare to being a police officer or warrior. It is just another form of police operations, it's like they are the police. However, they are fighting as hard like the other police officers. The only thing they really do is solve problems within the community and not really see the action that goes on the streets itself. The other part of their job is to seek out and improve problems that occur within the police force to see how they can handle things better in certain situations. The word warrior should not be used in the same sentence with COPPS it really goes against everything that is said about police officers fighting on the front lines. The reason for that is I am in the military myself and consider myself a warrior. I have been on two deployments and had to leave my family behind. My job in the military is a truck driver and I risk my life getting in the truck every time not knowing if I would end up in harms way. My other job is similar to a COPPS because I have to solve my soldier's problems along with mine, all in all we still have to stick together and fight through everything going on around us to make it back to our families. I do it for my country just like our fellow veterans have done for us since the beginning of time.

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