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Should People Have Long Distance Relationships?

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For some, long distance relationships can bring relief from a life of loneliness and a lack of intimacy. For others long distance relationships are far from flourishing. Some enter into relationships online with the belief that there may be some outcome for all their effort. Later they find out that it isn't going to work out after all. Some people are all for long distance relationships and some without having any knowledge of them, fear for others exploring this possibility. To bring to light the answer to the concerns of both part's views and feelings about this subject may help bring some understanding into their thought formations of this subject."Oh wow I've finally met someone" is a ...view middle of the document...

Just try adding something to transition into the next paragraph.People that meet others online are limiting themselves. Why not go out to a singles event or join a support group? Meeting people in person is a better way to go about looking for someone. Speed dating has come into the singles world as a way to meet and to find a possible mate. Even if a single person is shy, they can join a speed dating group because the encounters are all set up for them and if the other person isn't interested, they haven't lost anything. People can meet in person, talk to someone for a short period of time, and see who they really are. Going out to a dance for singles is another way to have a good time and experience personal interactions. Isn't it better to know someone that lives close that can be there if you need help with something? Limiting yourself to online relationships can be debilitating because they can't be there to help if you need them. I like this paragraph, but what about wrapping up what you talked about in the majority of the paragraph. I guess I am somewhat confused about the knowing someone that lives close to you, part. Maybe mention something about the way online relationships can be debilitating because they don't allow you to explore social scenes outside of your home, as a way to end this good paragraph.When you meet someone online, you are limiting your perception of them. Getting involved with someone that you haven't actually seen in a natural setting, clouds your experience with them. An important part of communication is missing that can't be seen on the phone or in chat. Without seeing facial expressions, and body language your perception isn't the same as looking at the person you are talking to. I read somewhere that more than half of communication involves a visual. People read others by looking at their facial expressions, their body language and their tone of voice. It's so true that when this is missing it can be harder to grasp sarcasm, jokes, flirting, and all that type of stuff. Good paragraph!How can someone really know if they are attracted to someone just by seeing their picture and talking to them? If you haven't actually tasted a new food that may be foreign to you, you don't know the pleasure of actually eating it. Just looking at a picture of food isn't going to reveal the flavor. If you can't taste it you don't fully know what its like. Besides how do you like looking at food that you can't eat? Knowing someone that you wish you could be with, is the same as wishing for almost anything that you just don't have. Maybe tie this last statement into the meat of this paragraph. How miserable and painful that can be! I really like this food analogy. A few times it was a little confusing and I re-read it several times. Making it a little clearer would definitely strengthen the point you are making. It is very true but making it stronger will make it that much better! Maybe start by saying: For example, imagine seeing...

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