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Should Military Service Be Mandatory Essay

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Should Military Service Be Mandatory in the United States?
Angela R. Jewell
Non Commissioned Officer Academy – Advance Leader Course # 13-003

Should Military Service be Mandatory in the United States?
In the world today, there is approximately fifty percent of countries that mandate their citizens to serve in their military for an extended period of time. Those countries that do require their citizens to serve base it on the simple fact that they need to be ready for war AT a moments notice and if all their citizens know how to fight they will succeed in any battle in which they are placed. Israel, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, Germany, and Russia are some examples of democratic ...view middle of the document...

In an article written by Samantha Dewees, Markus Salolainen, a citizen of Finland who served under conscription in the Finnish military remarks, “The military gives a unique opportunity to bond with men from all over the country. In my mind, this experience of ‘togetherness’ is an important building block for a healthy national self-esteem and positive patriotism,” (Dewees, 2012). Serving in a government position also promotes the thought of working together as a team which in turn promotes patriotism and not only thinking for ones own egotistical needs and wants. On the other hand, such actions can also be the foundation in which extreme nationalism and dislike of foreigners may come about unknowingly. There are those who also state that if our young were forced into government service it can only cultivate hate against any authority and weaken the skills that a person might have learned. By allowing all countrymen to serve also poses the risk of increased deviant behavior such as rape, assault, harassment, stealing, and murder. Today the military is not allowing those who do not have high school degree, or have been convicted as a felon be accepted into the service. The reason for this is that in the past by doing so, the moral of the military saw a significant decrease as the number of crimes that have been committed have increased to great heights by letting those individuals serve their country in some capacity.
“One of the mass army’s enduring myths—in the United States and elsewhere—is that, because it brought together individuals of various backgrounds in common cause and in a collaborative spirit, it provided a setting well-suited to breaking down fundamental social cleavages,” (Krebs, 2006, p12). The fact remains that when people are from different parts of the globe, have different religious views, and have different family histories come together for a cause, those same people do not tend to bother with the trivial endeavors that plague our society. Instead they feel as thought they are apart of a team to get the larger end goal complete. When the draft ended in 1973 there are some who claim that the line between the rights of individuals and the obligations of the same became blurred and to this day remain the same. Because of that blurred line, military service is now what civilians see as patriotism not an obligation to the country. A different type of plague on society that can be cultivated while serving ones country is militarism. By definition, militarism is maintaining a strong military spirit or policy or it can be the tendency to regard military efficiency as the supreme idea of the state and to subordinate all interests to those of the military (Online Dictionary 2010). Even with being in the military that has not been conscripted, a lot of those who serve think that they can get away with anything. An example, on a smaller scale of militarism, is when a Soldier in uniform gets pulled over. Majority of...

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