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Should Jails Be In The Private Or Public Sector

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Stefan Wolf Staertzel
Thursday, September 16 2010
Should Jails be publically or privately owned?
Should Jails be in the Public or Private Sector? The Public Sector is the area of nation’s affairs under governmental control rather than private control, when the Private Sector is the area of nations economy under private control rather than governmental. A Jail in most cases is ran by the government and ran by the public sector, except for some exceptional privately controlled jails. So the question is, should a prison/jail be run by the private or public sector?
Pros and Cons: Public vs. Private
Public Limited Companies are companies that are able to raise large amounts of money by ...view middle of the document...

They also argue that they do not have to deal with state bureaucracy, and laws which make the management of their facilities less expensive. Even if private prisons are in fact cheaper than public, this does not mean that it is more efficient as making profits from managing a prison will normally lead to cutting back on rehabilitation programs, food and medical care, laboring the inmates, in addition to hiring inexperienced staff to cut on salaries. Public prisons are more open to public inspection, unlike private prisons which are less transparent, difficult to regulate, monitor violations and obligations are difficult to detect. Public prisons are open to public inspection unlike private prisons which are not open to public inspection and the operation contracts are confidential and which leads to a lake of accountability. Some governmental functions must be conducted only by the government and not by private contractors since it represents a responsibility of the state towards its citizens like in the case of national defense.
Conclusion: Jails should stay publically owned by government.

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