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Should Illegal Immigrants Be Given Amnesty?

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The Real Controversy

Imagine you are walking through the busy streets of a downtown city during your lunch break. You casually keep walking to your destination passing by people of all ages, genders, and cultures. Hundreds of people rush by you. You don't know a sing thing about these people and chances are you will never see them again either. Therefore, nothing significant about those people ever crosses your mind. They are regular people leading regular lives. Or so you think? What you don't know is that these people who have walked passed today is living in the United States without the verification of citizenship? How would you be able to tell? Often of times, it is hard to tell ...view middle of the document...

Immigrants have made America great as the world leader in business, in science, higher education, and innovation” (Pierce, 2012).
Although Obama may be speaking the truth concerning the accomplishments and intelligence of American diversity, the United States should not grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. Those 10 million illegal people are scattered across our country hindering the lives of Americans who have worked hard to pursue the American Dream. The Obama Administration should not be rewarding illegal immigrants with citizenship for their wrongdoings.
Most people who sneak into our country are looking for employment opportunities. About 6 million undocumented aliens are working, that is about 5% of all United States workers. Once illegal immigrants step into our country, they are attracted to “low skilled jobs”. These jobs are usually labor intensive and don't attract many other employees. In the United States, jobs in construction, landscaping, restaurants, hospitality, agriculture, and domestic services are popular for illegal immigrants because they don't require people to speak fluent English. Work regulations in the United States prohibit employers from hiring illegal immigrants, however that does not stop all of them.
Employers knowingly hire illegal immigrants because they can pay them lower than the federal minimum wage and easily get away with it. Illegal immigrants cannot argue with their employers because they fear being deported. American employers would much rather hire illegal immigrants over Americans citizens for this reason. If companies hired American citizens, they should be required to pay their workers at least minimum wage. If they do not, companies may increase their chances of facing...

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