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Should Humans Consume Red Meat? Essay

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Should Humans Be Consuming Red Meat?
Michael Richard
DeVry University

If you were the dominate species on top of the food chain what would you eat? Though the question is broad, humans ask themselves this question subconsciously on a day to day basis. It so happens that we as human beings are quite nestled at the top of the food chain as we speak. With the plethora of resources on this planet to consume at our fingertips such as: fruit vegetation, fish, chicken and red meat, what would be the best choice? Take in to account that not all sources of food would be beneficial to human longevity, which source of food would be better for human vitality and longevity? Fruits and vegetables, ...view middle of the document...

This time in history before the development of agricultural tools and communities, man predominantly ate what his environment provided i.e. seafood, fruits, nuts and eggs. It was not until resources became scarce that man had to turn to an alternative source of protein and nutrition more available at that time. At that time in history the American buffalo and other wild game were rich in quantity and this proved to be the source of nutrition that man needed. However, take into account “needed” it was only out of survival of the species that man underwent such a change in their diet.
Now 10,000 years have passed and meat has secured its place at the top of the human diet. Meat consumption among Americans has risen 47% since 1950 according to information obtained from Dr. Pearson of Along with this increase in meat consumption the number of red meat illnesses has increased as well. Heart Disease, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s and rheumatoid arthritis have all been linked to the consumption of red meat. The effects of red meat on the human heart and the consequences thereof can be found around the world. Here in the United States heart disease is the leading cause of death among Americans. High levels of cholesterol found in red meat are the primary culprit linked to heart disease. The fatty acids also found in red meat not only have the ability to clog arteries and shut down the heart, they also affect the neural system. Nutritionists from all walks of life including physicians who contribute to all agree on the diagnosis of such illnesses. The hazards of red meat consumption can be viewed in researched site after site. posted an article on the web specifically linking red meat to heart disease among humans. Due to the high saturation of fat in red meat, human cholesterol is again the culprit which leads to an increased risk of hypertension among humans which ultimately leads to heart disease or coronary disease. These facts are not meant to scare any meat consumers but rather make you aware of what is being put into the human body and the hazards that come with it.
Although there are many potential harmful side effects, there are also potential benefits of eating red meat. According to red meat is rich in certain nutrients such as iron, proteins, and Vitamin B. These nutrients are vital to human physiology and are necessary for the human body to properly function. Needless to say, these very same nutrients can be found in...

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