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Should Harry Stonecipher Have Been Forced To Resign From Boeing?

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In March of 2005, Harry Stonecipher was unjustly forced to resign from his job as the CEO of the Boeing Company. The then 69 year old executive admitted, with unprecedented integrity, that he was engaged in a consensual affair with a co-worker. The problem is, should Mr. Stonecipher have been forced to resign? By carefully examination of the utilitarian and deontological issues of the case, it will be blatantly obvious that Mr. Stonecipher was unfairly asked to step down from his position.Certainly Harry was spot on when he determined having an affair would bring the greatest happiness. In a society where 14% of people think adultery is acceptable behavior and it is constantly glamorized by ...view middle of the document...

Boeing was erroneous in their thought that having Mr. Stonecipher resign would bring the greatest happiness. Just the fact that his co conspirator in the affair was allowed to retain her employment with the company demonstrates Boeing's unwillingness to fairly deal with violations of the Code of Conduct. The same level of punishment must be dealt to all who commit an offense to show how serious the company is about the offense. Many analysts deemed Boeing's board of directors' decision to ask Harry to resign rash. Clearly letting Mr. Stonecipher keep his job would have been the better decision.Likely Boeing had all the rights in this case. Without looking at Mr. Stonecipher's contract we may never know. In the ninety-one years the company has been in operation Boeing (and all major corporations) doubtless constantly revises contracts to give employees fewer and fewer rights. In the end it worked out for Mr. Stonecipher; he still got to keep his retirement. Giving him the privilege to retire with pride and dignity would have been the...

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