Should Guns Be Legal In America?

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The American Gun Law
This essay will highlight a two-tier approach. It will illustrate reasons supporting the American gun law which will be reinforced by an article extracted from PJ media. Secondly it will portray reasons that are against the American gun law which are extracted from an article from guardian. Finally I will be concluding my opinion and the reasons for it.
My first article is extracted from PJ media; it illustrates the American gun law in a positive light. In the ...view middle of the document...

The innocent deaths occurring, much like the one represented in article one, victims like Ryan wouldn’t be able to have a defence if it wasn’t for the gun law. The possession of a gun saved Ryan’s life and could save many other lives too with the help of the American gun law. However, people with the possession of a gun could also have bad intentions and lead to innocent deaths which are frequently taking place, one which is exemplified in the shooting of Hadiya Pendleton’s case.
Hadiya Pendleton is the victim associated with my second article which portrays the American gun law in a negative light. This is because Hadiya was an innocent 15 year old teenager who was mistakenly targeted and shot which had triggered the result of her death. The increase of shootings in America has led to panic, gang members are constantly ‘inaccurately’ targeting
innocent victims and this is defining the point that the American gun law needs to be stricter or completely change. In contrast with the previously discussed article from PJ media, I have now strongly interpreted that most possessions of guns are of gang members who are the cause of numerous innocent deaths are misusing the law and right given to American citizens of having a possession of a gun. From this article, I think many citizens are misinterpreting the American gun law and so courts should highlight the mistakes of criminals who have been convicted previously for misusing the guns. Moreover, and update of the law could be essential to clear out any misunderstanding of the law in order to reduce these shootings. Police can take more action so victims can be safe. In this article, an important aspect mentioned was- “In 2012 Chicago's homicide rate topped 500 for the first time since 2008, stoking residents' concerns about gun violence and leading the police department to put more officers on the street and to focus more on combating gangs” – this put in light reflects the inconsistency of the law which conveys the message of the American gun law being either enforced or turned illegal as many are concerned about their welfare and currently the rate in just one particular area is high. It’s vital for American gun law to be reconsidered in contrast to just one areas statistic. ...

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