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Should Government Invest In Solar Energy

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Sherrah Adderley
Ms. Marjorie Downie
Eng 300
October 16, 2012
Should the government invest in solar energy?
The impact of high crude prices on the economy has always been negative, resulting in high energy cost. Many Bahamians continue to struggle to keep their lights on due to the constant increases in surcharge on electric bills by The Bahamas electricity Corporation (BEC) .To reduce this energy load, the government should invest in renewable energy such as solar energy. Solar power is one way we can explore renewable energy. Maybe Bahamians are reluctant to explore renewable energy because of perceived difficulty or cost. The government should invest in solar power because; it ...view middle of the document...

(van)Today rising oil prices are a major frustration on the government as well as consumers. The Bahamas can reduce its oil import bill by $1.1 million per year by simply converting to solar energy and solar products such converting to compact florescent bulbs. Replacing four 60 watt bulbs with 13 watt compact florescent bulbs would reduce oil consumption by 44,000 barrels of oil and saving the country of $2million per year.(CrabTree)
To reduce cost and to save money Bec will be offering home owners with installed solar panel a net-metering agreement. This means that if your system produces more energy than you use BEC would purchase it and credit your account. This is one way to save money on electic bills.( CrabTree)
Solar energy is non- polluting. It is clean and renewable (unlike gas, oil and coal) and sustainable, helping to protect the environment. It actively contributes to the decrease of harmful green house gas emissions. It does not pollute the air by releasing carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide or mercury into the atmosphere like many traditional forms of electrical generation do.(Cass)
Opponents may argue that solar energy contributes to pollution because solar power is generally stored in lead –acid batteries. These batteries contain lead and sulfuric acid which are toxic to air, soil, water, marine life which can create environmental issues.
Generally, while batteries may pose some environmental risk .The reality is, the disposal of batteries is very infrequent with solar energy because batteries and solar energy last very long and it does not have any moving parts. (Gibson) Solar energy helps the environment because it reduce the need to burn oil which means a correlating drop in air pollution and green house gases. By not using any oil, solar energy does not contribute to the cost and problems of the recovery and transportation of oil or the storage of radioactive waste.
Compared to coal and all the advantages of solar energy over oil this is the most important. The burning of oil releases carbon dioxide and other green house gases into our precious air, in addition to this, the process of obtaining it may result in damage ecosystems though dredging oil.
Investing in Solar energy would bring real change to the cost of electricity and open new doors for the industrial sector to grow, thus attracting many foreign and domestic inventors in the area of pharmaceutical industry and light manufacturing.(Van)
Some Bahamians may argue that investing in solar energy would not create jobs for the economy. The jobs created would only be available to foreigners because these jobs...

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