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Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized? Essay

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Homosexuality has been an ongoing debate for many centuries in the United States. Majority of Americans fear homosexuality, because they do not understand it. What society needs to come to realize, is that same sex marriage is not a threat to the institution of marriage or society itself. Homosexuality has been around long enough that society should accept the homosexuals and not discriminate against them. We as human beings should look passed color, religion, or sexual preference, and see each other as the humans we are. Every human being should have the right of choice.

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Since marriage may be a legal establishment, it should be restricted by the government.
Many people name the actual fact that marriage sometimes includes a non-secular association. Marriages have traditionally been conducted in churches by clergymen. As a result of this, individuals have the misconception that the church includes a role in marriage. That is incorrect. The only real reason that the church conducts wedding is because the church accustomed be the government. Many years past, the church and the government were constant. This is often now not true. There is a separation of church and state. Therefore, the church cannot say who will unify. On prime of this, marriages are command outside of churches more and additional. There are weddings in urban center, courthouses, and others. Marriage has lost its non-secular context.
I will elaborate on the link of marriage and politics currently. The institution Fathers wrote within the Declaration of Independence that we tend to, as voters of the U.S. of America, have the absolute rights to life, liberty, and therefore the pursuit of happiness. I believe it is blatantly obvious that gay marriage could be a liberty, and conjointly a contented pursuit. To ban gay marriage is to contradict the values that our nice country was based on. America is that the land of the free. We are unengaged to individual liberties, we are free from management of the church, we are liberated to believe no matter we tend to please. I feel that gay marriage should be legalized! If we tend to still proscribe gay marriage, we tend to jeopardize the spirit of America.
The next argument against gay marriage is the destruction of what is viewed because the good family; there are two parents, a mother and a father. According to a couple of traditionalists, the sun will not rise tomorrow if same sex folks exist ("Thoughts of a," 2012). They argue that the kids are bereft of learning correct values if they are raised in a very gay family. The idea is that a toddler needs a masculine and a female influence in order to become a “normal” adult....

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