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Should Euthanasia Be Legalised Or Not?

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Should euthanasia be legalised or not?

Euthanasia may be defined as bringing about the death of another person with that person's consent There is no straightforward answer to the question of whether euthanasia should be legalised or not. In this essay l will therefore first ofall consider the arguments against legalisation and then the reasons in favour. I shall conclude by arguing that euthanasia should be legal, but only under certain conditions.

Those who oppose the legalisation of euthanasia do so for three main reasons Prima they fear that it will increase the number of murders. They believe this is likely because it will be dificult to be sure in certain cases whether the ...view middle of the document...

The opportunity to commit a murder does not in itself cause murder to take place. As regards the medical objections, proponents of euthanasia say that doctors are already called upon to make life ordeath judgements, such as when the decision is made to turn off the life-support machine ofa patient in a coma. They specifically argue that doctors do not have the right to make the ultimate decisions about a patients care.

Moreover, those in favour of euthanasia argue that human beings are seen by many religions as responsible for their own actions. It is up to the individual in the end to decide what his or her behaviour will be, and to accept the consequences. Therefore, from this point of view, deciding whether to end one's life or to help another to do so is a matter of individual responsibility.

To conclude, I believe it is necessary to take both sets of views into account. This could be done by making euthanasia legal, but only under strict conditions. Thus,









Google generation has no need for rote learning

Alexandra Frean,December 2, 2008

Memorising facts and figures is a waste of time for most schoolchildren because such information is readily available a mere mouse click away, a leading commentator has said.

The existence of Google, Wikipedia and online libraries means that there is no useful place in school for old-fashioned rote learning, according to Don Tapscott, author of the bestselling book Wikinomics and a champion of the “net generation”.

A far better approach would be to teach children to think creatively so that they could learn to interpret and apply the knowledge available online. “Teachers are no longer the fountain of knowledge; the internet is,” Tapscott said. “Kids should learn about history to understand the world and why things are the way they are. But they don’t need to know all the dates. It is enough that they know about the Battle of Hastings, without having to memorise that it was in 1066. They can look that up and position it in history with a click on Google,” he said.

Tapscott denies that his approach is anti-learning. He argues that the ability to learn new things is more important than ever “in a world...

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