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Should College Students Be Allowed To Get Married

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Should College Students Be Allowed To Get Married

I remember it clearly that six or seven years ago, there was a fierce debate on the controversial topic of whether college students are allowed to get married during their college years. It was to a great extent the result of a front-page affair depicting two excellent college students who got married and soon divorced from each other.
Generally, there are two standpoints on this issue. Some are assentient towards it. For this part of people, they firmly claim that no one has the right to restrain the students in building up their own families as long as they reach the legal age[1]. Others holding the opposite opinion, take me ...view middle of the document...

Thirdly, a life time partner is by no means just a pretty person who is appeal to you or you like very much. A life time partner means he or she will company you for your whole life, means you two love and attend to each other everlasting and indefatigable, means you have the responsibility to devote everything you have to him or her. As the famous saying goes, marriage requires a man to purchase 4 types of "Ring" - engagement ring, wedding ring, suffe-ring and endu-ring[2]. But unfortunately, college students nowadays are universally unaware of this principle. They regard marriage as a fashion or even a pastime sometimes. Without the comprehension of the truth of love, marriage makes no sense.
Speak of myself. My father has recently had a conversation with me on the topic of searching for a partner for life. He held the same viewpoint as I did. He said to me solemnly that I can have relationship with someone during my college years but as for marriage, he objected it without hesitation. In his opinion, “Marriage is not...

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