Should Class Attendance Be Optional To University Students?

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Nowadays, universities are open place for all people. More and more educational chances have been created for those who want to acquire knowledge from colleges and universities. While registering for a college course seems to be no longer complicated, there still remains an obstacle that has been triggered so much controversy in academic environment: mandatory attendance policy. This policy, which is imposed by some schools or some professors, requires that college student must attend class regularly enough or their exam papers will be extracted some attendance points (that usually count for about 15 or 20 percent of the total grade evaluation). In my opinion, this policy is useless and ...view middle of the document...

They just jot down what their teachers say without much understanding. Or they may not be interested in this subject and they want to stay at home and enjoy themselves. However, they have to come to class lest their grade would be decrease due to poor attendance. How can you put knowledge into the heads of these students. They sit in class, but they feel very distracted. They even disturb other students who are paying good attention to the lessons. Does it worsen the situation? If teachers let such students be optional whether to attend class or not, maybe the class environment will be better. Classroom is where students raise ideas, ask questions about what they are still unclear after reading assigned books or doing homework, etc. It's not the place where those who lack of interest be forced to listen to what they do not like. For this reason, students should be given right to decide whether to attend class or not.
Mandatory attendance policy discourages independent thinking, self-discipline, self-study. Students are adults. Of course they can decide which is better for them. With younger students this policy is necessary for many reasons (such as safety reason). However, you can not force an adult do whatever you like despite his unlikeness. That will form in him a habit of dependence on other person's wish and thinking. In other words, if we force students go to school regularly, we are violating his right of making decision, that will soon turn him a person lacking of self-discipline. Moreover, students are more dependent on teachers as they have to spend most of their time just listen and write down what their teachers think, not what they think and discover. Gradually, this habit of copying teacher's thought would result in a weakness in self-study. Some recent press surveys have shown that a large percentage of Vietnamese students are very passive in learning, for example, they meet a lot of difficulties when searching for materials on internet. Some even do not know what Google is. Scholars point out that just because students are too much familiar with easy acceptance of provided information, they are not good at finding out what they want. As adults, students should be know make decisions by themselves and suffer from what they did. In other words, students should take responsible for his decisions such as missing a class. That is an important lesson in life that everyone should know.
Optional attendance policy means open educational opportunity.

Nowadays, distant learning is no longer strange to people, especially academic people. In a distant learning, students can earn a degree from some college that he can not go there to attend due to many reasons (for example: that is in a foreign country and the student can not afford enough money to study there). A student who takes part in such program studies the same curriculum and takes the same exam as native students. The difference here is that he does not...

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