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Should Christins Invest Essay

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Investing in stocks and bonds as a Christian in the world today: Smart idea or foolish choice? What should a Christian valued person do in these scary economic times? Let’s dig deeper in the Bible to find out.
God expects us to be good stewards of the money and other items of wealth that He has given to us. He emphasizes this so much that Jesus even used the parable of the talent in the Book of Matthew in the New Testament to illustrate the fact that He expects us to do something with the money God has entrusted to us. The parable makes it obvious that God doesn’t expect us to be stupid about how we use our money. Technically, it is not even our money. It is His money. Therefore, we should consider God’s will about how He wants it spent so that it is used in godly manner. The parable of the talent as discussed in the Matthew makes it perfectly ...view middle of the document...

Investing can be a wise choice as long as one does their research as mentioned above. Unfortunately, many Christians make the mistake of thinking that investing is the same as gambling and therefore is a sin. Investing is definitely not the same as gambling. Many people whether Christian or not make the mistake of thinking it is the same out of fear or ignorance. Some Christians are simply fearful of gambling because it seems so complicated. Most people do not realize the wealth of information that is available out there to the common investor if one just looks for it. True investing is not a “get rich quick scheme” which is something the Bible warns us about many times. One of those warnings is found in Proverbs 21:5 which say “The plan of the diligent lead to advantage, but everyone who is hasty comes surely to poverty.”
The concept of investing is not about throwing your money away after something you don’t understand, hastily and without a real plan. The basic idea of investing is to participate in and benefit from the growth and earnings of a particular company, through purchasing shares of ownership. When someone has extra money and they are looking for legal ways to make money grow; that is investing. The stock market gives individuals the unique opportunity to profit off of the growth and ingenuity of some of the world’s largest companies.
Some people have critiqued investing as a lack of faith in God. I have been taught since I was little that God would always take care of His children no matter what our circumstances are. However, God does not condemn saving, investing and preparing for the future. He gave us a mind and He expects us to use it. He specifically instructs the disciples how to carry out God’s mission as listed in Luke 22. Therefore, we can see that God expects the disciples to make this a part of their lives as instructed by Jesus at the end of His earthly ministry. He does expect them to count on God’s providence as mentioned in Matthew 22, but to also make wise choices while they do so.

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