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Should Childhood Obesity Be Blamed On The Parent?

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Should Childhood Obesity be Blamed on the Parent?

The rise in childhood obesity is in most cases the fault of the parent(s). In most of those occurrences parents are only trying to please their children. Many times however it is due to the parents inability to make time for healthier lifestyle choices, and it’s faster to eat off the dollar menu at the local McDonalds. There is also the fault of the parents in choosing unhealthy lifestyles, and because parents should be leading by example they are leaving the idea of unhealthy eating as okay in the minds of their impressionable Children. Unfortunately Children are dependent on their parents for guidance and the necessities for living. ...view middle of the document...

It’s hard to say to a child “Don’t eat that” when a parent is sitting there doing just what they told their child not to do (Helium). What parents forget is that they have to lead by example, and their children do look up to their parents, mimicking every move they do. It is hard to eat right things and getting out to the gym can be seemingly impossible when there s so much to do. Yet Children need to learn a healthy diet and playing outside instead of spending countless hours in front of the television as their parents are doing. The invention of the Wii and other sensory movement game systems do give a fun way to exercise to both Child and parent, but it also doesn’t hurt to go out for a family bike ride or to walk the dog. Parents simply need to learn to teach and lead their children to exercise and consume a healthier diet both in home and out.
When Children are born, one of the first thoughts a parent thinks when holding that perfect bundle of joy is that they never want to hurt or displease that precious life they are holding. When the Child is growing up that feeling never goes away, a parent is there to always please. Often times parents don’t know where to draw the line, whether its letting them stay out past curfew time and time again or trying to be their childs best friend instead of a parent. Of course none of this is healthy for the parent or the child, especially when it comes to letting Children eat whatever they want. Also comes into play is the tactics of fast food restaurants giving toys as incentives to Children for eating their kids meals. Of course parents want to give their childrens toys, and what better way than by having it included into a meal that is also equally satisfying to the child. Fast food places have wised up by inserting healthier side choices, such as sliced apples to a happy meal, or advertising exercise as a fun thing to do. But the food restaurants aren’t raising these children, and it...

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