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Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In School?

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Should Cell Phones Be Allowed in School?

As society grows older and develops, technology seems to advance and augment with it as well. Many teachers hate the idea of phones at school. Unsurprisingly, the younger generation support the idea. There are several valid reasons as to why cell phones should be allowed in school.

Firstly, cell phones can help salvage money. According to MediaSmarts who surveyed around 5400 school kids in each province and territory of Canada in 2014, they discovered that the majority of the kids in grades four through eleven had their own cell phone, while nearly one in four of the youngest children owned a mobile device. Having monitored cell phones in the classroom to use for schoolwork ...view middle of the document...

We need to incorporate their cell phones and or iPod Touch devices as their planner. That way, teachers can give them homework reminders, let them poll, and study using these devices. Having since it integrates with the personal calendar on the device, so students can be even more organized.

In addition, cell phones make kids safer. They’ll be able to contact people or have people able to contact them when needed or in case of an emergency. GPS systems in our phones have also been used to our parents’ advantage. It would be very helpful if schools had SMS notification services for this reason.

Similarly, it lets sensitive issues stay private. Many kids and some teachers detest the idea of kids being called down for detention or even to go down to the office due to private matters. Sometimes it causes stares from other students, gossip or comments that would make the student uncomfortable. If the office was able to send a text message to the person, it would be a lot more respectful and help keep sensitive issues private.

Furthermore, it lessens strain on the wireless network. Cell phones are a separate network and do not go over local wireless. Therefore, it would provide another method of accessing the Internet and or searching short or small pieces of information or tasks.

Not only do cell phones allow us to teach kids about responsibility, but it also sets a model for change and innovation. If it has so many positive effects and advances us as a society, then why not take the step? Ultimately, allowing kids to use their cell phones at school presents plausible and persuasive advantages in the development of technology and in the constant well-being of students.

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