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Should America Continue To Use Capital Punishment

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Heather Burrus
GE 217 11/27/13
Project Part E

Should America Continue to Use Capital Punishment?

Capital punishment can have many different affects on people, depending on the circumstances at hand. No one really knows if they are for or against capital punishment until something personally happens to them or a family member which makes them see the issue in a whole different light. My own personal experience has made me look at capital punishment a completely different way. I have very mixed emotions on the death penalty; a part of me believes that if a person takes another person’s life that they should get the death penalty and than there is the other ...view middle of the document...

The criminal has deprived the family and friends of the loved one and their grief begins with the murder. The execution of the criminal does bring a feeling of relief at no longer having to think about the ordeal, which is a feeling that often fails to arise while the criminal still lives on. Having a system in place for granting justice cannot benefit the surviving victims family and friends, unless the criminal is put to death.
With the death penalty places the focus on the legal consequences, not the human consequences. The attention is directed on the crime itself and the accused, instead of where it belongs which is on the family and loved ones of the victim and the community. "The US had a 2012 murder rate of 4.8 victims per 100,000 meaning that nearly 15,000 people were victims of homicide that year." (Equal Justice USA) It is not right that the nation in a whole would denounce the practice of murder by committing the very same act as the criminal. “By doing that we are essentially championing the right to life by taking it from others. As a whole, we all are not murders and we understandably refuse to be placed in the same category as a murder like Ted Bundy". "To many opponents of the death penalty, even Ted Bundy should have been given life in prison without parole." (Listverse)
"Capital punishment does not appear to be doing its job; it does not seem to be changing every criminal's mind about killing innocent people. If capital punishment does not dissuade, then it serves no purpose." (Death Penalty Life in prison without parole punishes the criminal without putting him or her in the headlines. If a criminal is willfully deprived of a victim's right to life, than the justice system should willfully deprive the criminal's right to life even if it may appear overly severe. A punishment should be proportionate to the...

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