Should All University Students Be Required To Attend Classes?

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Trần Thị Mộng Trinh

Topic: Should all university students be required to attend classes?

The extent to what level of efficiency modern education system could perform in teaching students is always a heatedly debated topic. Among many suggestions that could improve learning efficiency, the necessity of attending classes has been argued frequently in recent years. Some people claim that attending classes is a must to students. Other people, however, argue that giving students free-attendance is an optional choice. As far as I am concerned, every university student should be required to attend classes for following reasons.

Firstly, attending classes regularly helps students learn academic knowledge from a teacher in a more effective way. Teachers in university are very well-educated about the subjects and they do more than just go over the material in the textbook. They draw their students into ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, compulsory classes allow students to develop their life skills. They will build a sense of teamwork with each other since classes are defined to be a place that emphasizes on the importance of communication, listening and respecting other people’s opinions and ideas. Also, going to classes can train students be more responsible and discipline for instance students must go to school on time and they have to accomplish all the assignments before coming to classes.

Finally, students who are required to attend classes regularly have no time to abandon themselves to a life of pleasure, for example: taking part in unhealthy activities, drinking, gambling, going to clubs. It is obvious that adolescent years are the valuable time for them to study for the sake of their future careers. I do not mean students got to be sunk in studying without any break or entertainment. Their personal life is as necessary as studying during the hard academic years, nonetheless the amount of each should be balanced as well. More free time than necessary can make students ignore studying and classes, hence students are more likely not to do their best without a real class attending requirements.
The opponents of this issue might think that attending classes is a waste of time because they can do that while staying at home or somewhere else via Skype or other video-chat services than actually learn in the classroom with a teacher present. This point has some merit on the surface. If using video-chat service as the main educational tool for the whole class in university, it cannot work since that way is only suitable for learning in “one student-one teacher” method. Moreover, as stated previously, a great part of learning is understanding based on ideas and discussion with the rest of the class sitting around. Therefore, Skyping would not allow students to do that as much.

To sum up, it is clear that attending classes should be an essential part of university education. I hold this belief due to the benefits of teacher’s knowledge, the improvement of students’s studying as well as the valuable life skills they obtain for their career afterwards.

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