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Should Abortion Be Legalized Essay

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Should the abortion be legalized?
Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy before the fetus becomes viable. It can be either therapeutic or accidental. In the former an RU 486 medication is administered or medical equipment used to perform procedure. The figure 1 below illustrates the abortion procedure using medical equipment
Figure 1 the body parts are reached to with a looped clamp and pulled out part by part. The head is then reached for with a clamp and crushed so that it can come out of the virginal’s passage.
The United States did not prohibit abortion in the past up until the ...view middle of the document...

Hinduism strongly condemns abortion in its texts. However abortion is practiced in Hindu culture in India due to cultural preference for sons. Christianity considers it a sin and though it hasn’t stated which kind of sin and how bad it was held to be, abortion is considered as grave as sexual immorality. Additionally there are minorities who disagree with the stand of their denomination on abortion for example the Catholics of free choice.
The debated points are of an almost similar weight but the most common is whether abortion is safe or not. Proponents argue that the whole procedure is safe. There are medical practitioners who can carry out the procedure and just like research has it the after abortion distress is just a continuation of the pre abortion symptoms. Medical abortions have a 0.5% risk of complications and don’t result in inability to conceive in future. They don’t affect the health of a woman. Research says that deaths from with abortion have reduced over the years as shown in the graph
Figure 2
figure 2 A graph of death related abortion cases. There has been a continual decline of the abortion related deaths over the years even with increasing population.
The opponents argue that abortion is unsafe. It causes women to miscarry, causes medical complications and may result in ectopic pregnancies (a life-threatening condition where, due to scar tissue in the womb from the scraping of the abortion, a fertilized ovum is blocked from going to the uterus and it starts developing in the fallopian tube and ultimately ruptures it). From the time abortion was legalized, ectopic pregnancies have risen 300%. These cases are usually under reported considering the back alley abortions. Moderates believe that abortion is the safer way out of some medical complications that could cause the loss of a mother and her child.
Another point that draws concern is the psychological trauma associated with abortion. In the view of proponents, psychological trauma cannot be traced solely to abortion. It is but a continuation of the scenario that exists before abortion. Just like any other difficult situation, abortion can cause pain and stress to a person. The American psychological foundation (AMF) says that stress is highest before abortion and there isn’t a syndrome associated to post abortion times. Opponents are of the opinion that all the stress after the abortion is based on the experience of abortion. Abortion...

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