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Should A Knower’s Personal Point Of View Be Considered An Asset In The Pursuit Of Knowledge, Or An Obstacle To Be Overcome?

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Should a knower’s personal point of view be considered an asset in the pursuit of knowledge, or an obstacle to be overcome?

Knowledge is the information of the world in which we acquire by our perceptions, interpretations, the different ways of knowing, points of view, and many other ways. Nevertheless, knowledge is more than that. We have to take into account how and when we apply our knowledge in our everyday lives. We can take into account that truth is the objectivity of knowledge, whilst our opinions are the subjectivity of knowledge. Before we divulge into the aspects of points of view and how it influences our pursuit of knowledge, we must consider what can also influence our ...view middle of the document...

Confirmation bias, which is the device that people use to favor their particular opinions and disregard or ignore others, can be detrimental to the scientific method and thus interfere with the outcomes (or the “truth). Albert Einstein, a revered scientist of the 20th century, was a religious man who dealt with many theories that opposed religion. We can see here that although his work could’ve lead him to the “truth”, may it be with or without a god, he nevertheless kept his religious convictions aside and sought to seek information which could improve humankind. With this area of knowledge there must be a line drawn between personal points of view and the objectivity of the experiment or situation. Nevertheless, it is also important to see that we cannot simply disregard every point of view entirely. Our perception of the experiment or situation must be kept in an un-bias way, however by having previous knowledge and opinions about said experiment or situation we are able to make conclusions which could in turn allow us to broaden our minds and have new perceptions and thus new points of view. The line should be drawn, yet not be walled in.
Our points of view are determined by our experience throughout our life, our culture, our beliefs, and by many other aspects. Some people have grown up with ethics and morals, which shape their view of the world. Normative knowledge claims are related to our ethical and moral points of view. We, as human beings, tend to classify life situations as either “good” or “bad”. However, one could claim that ethics are determined by society and how a society should operate. Therefore, ethics can be relative to different cultures and societies. For example; stem cell research is a controversial issue that involves the idea of studying embryonic or fetus cells to find answers or solutions to many medical problems or disorders. Many people consider it “killing humans” because of the use of embryonic cells, which are necessary for human development. However, there are people who state that it is beneficial for scientific research and to provide answers for many medical problems such as cancer. In this case, we can see how our ethics and morals become a conflict in regarding whether or not this medical research is worth it. Our points of view can be an obstacle when determining the moral and ethical part of a situation; such as the stem cell research, which could enhance medical research and help solve many issues such as cancer. On the other hand, ethics provide us with order in our everyday life. Our points of view, which can stem from our ethics, allow us to make “sensible” decisions as opposed to rash and drastic ones that can lead to chaos. With this in mind, we can see that our opinions are important to keep in mind. We should never disregard them completely; ethics provide us with behavior standards that can allow our societies to operate successfully. If we did not have any opinions regarding ethical issues, we...

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