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Shot By Shot Analysis Of A Film

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Shot-by-shot Analysis Life of Pi, a 2012 American 3D adventure drama film that composed of live -action and computer-animated adventure based on Yann Martel's novel. This film is directed by Ang Lee, a movie that tells a story within another story based on one simple truth. In the movie, the narrator pi, who was the only survived young man from the sinking Japanese ship caused by the storm. He made to the lifeboat, yet, he was alone in the center of pacific ocean without any supplies but with a tiger called Richard Parker. However, the theme of this film is not just this exciting adventure but is the implicit conflict between Pi and the tiger; Pi’s rationality of believing in God to the ...view middle of the document...

This long shot also shows us a mooring rope that tied Pi’s lifeboat together with the boat has tiger. This indicates two things, one is Pi is really afraid of tiger, the second indicates two side of Pi’s personality, which are the animality and rationality have to bond together to survive. The deep focus lenses here allows for greater depth of the ocean so that we can see the foreground of white canvas cover from the the front part of boat and the background of Pi wears the white sea anchor. Here, the costume of white fabric is used intentionally to creates the similarities between the tiger and Pi, and suggests that they are both rely upon each other. Additionally, the long shot gives the huge empty space that used for semantic emphasis to shows imbalance between a small figure of Pi, a small part of boat with the tiger and the huge empty ocean behind them, which also indicates both his and tiger’s sense of alienation. The two were in the same frame, connected with each other in the same situation as a whole. The rope on previous scene leads us to the next shot, which gives a medium close-up to depicts that the tiger sat straight at the other side of the boat. Tiger now centered in the loose frame, means that he was equally important and valuable compared to Pi. Yet, he was located at slightly lower half of the frame implies he is evil animality side of Pi. In the next image, the filmmaker switches medium close-up shot to the long shot, which puts both Pi and the tiger within the same loose open frame and includes more of the landscape of the vast sea and the boundless sky. Here, the long shot captures the sense that the natural environment is more powerful than Pi and the tiger. However, their parallel position makes them a equal size suggests they are isolated from the civilized world, but they are in this life and death situation together as a whole.

In the following image, the crosscutting,...

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