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Short Story Review

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Title: A shocking accident (summary)
Author: Graham Greene
Theme: ……………………………………………………
Publisher: Mark Shacklenton (through Longman)
Place of publication Edinburgh Gate, England
Jerome is a nine-year-old child which is called to class to be told bad news about his father. Mr Wordsworth, the housemaster of his expensive private school, has received a phone call from Jerome’s aunt saying that Jerome’s father has got involved in a tragic accident.
Jerome worships his father. He has recreated him from a restless widow author into a mysterious adventurer who travels in far places. Therefore, when Jerome receives the terrible news he immediately thinks that his father might have been wounded through the heart and that he, together with ...view middle of the document...

From her point of view, her brother has been a very careful man, an adventurous person and a tenderly writer. He has always loved to be in remote places and this is something that she considers to be of great importance. It can be assumed, that for her it is also difficult to retell the story of this tragic accident. Whenever she has to talk about what has happened, she does it in a very disorganized way causing a genuine interest on the listener.
When Jerome becomes an adolescent he realizes that even though he loves his father, he is not a super hero. He has developed two versions in order to retell the story of his dad’s accident. One of them is brief and it leads to the accident in a very precise way. The other version is long and boring so that the listener loses the interest on the subject.
In the course of time He becomes an accountant and decides to get engaged so as to get married. His fiancé is called Sally, a girl of twenty-five whose father is a doctor in Pinner. Now that within a year he might himself become a father, the love for his dead father increases. He wants to protect his father’s memory and keep it alive. He is really concerned about Sally’s reaction once she hears the story of the accident.
Jerome decides to bring Sally to dinner to his aunt’s house. This is a key day for their future since he is well aware that the accident will inevitably be a topic of discussion. Once at dinner, when Sally sees his father’s portrait, his aunt tells Sally the story in a very straighful way. She has never been so abrupt before. The miracle has happened! Sally doesn’t laugh! Moreover, she asks what has happened to the pig! Jerome is really happy and relief. He realizes they are meant to be together.

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