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5th of March
"Harsh Fate"

Flowers and leaves are growing everywhere; the sun is shining brighter and warmer each day. Birds are tweeting more often and the voices of children who are playing on a playground are becoming louder. Summertime has already come. A year without summer is the same as life without love. Oh, it was already six o'clock in the evening when I looked at the clock. I felt happy because there was only one hour left until I got off work. It surprised me again when I looked at the calendar - it is the 3rd of June, the day I first met you. This was the most bittersweet day of the year-exactly three years since we first met.
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Since that day, you and me, we became love birds. You love me tons, like the way I love you back. Those were the most beautiful days in my life.
Those happy days were numbered since Helen told me that you started flirting with another girl. After I cried loudly in my bed for a few days, my natural pride made me decide to break up with you. To act out my decision, I decided to accept my parents' appeal to send me to Italy for an exchange student program. Days without you were passing by. I do not know how I survived those days. After all those days, after I cursed you in so many ways, and after I had gone too far away from you; I just found out all rumours about you were just Helen's lies filled with envy. I didn't try to find you. For those three years, I was like a living skeleton without any emotions. There were 2 guys after you, but both of them had not worked out. After my graduation I came back to my country and started work in my father's company as an accountant.
June 3rd always gives me feelings and thoughts about you, so I always give myself time to walk peacefully on that day. I arrange my papers and hurry up myself to go out. It is a beautiful evening, warm and peaceful. My work place is in the city...

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