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Short Paper – Healthcare Reform

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Seminar 3 Short Paper – Healthcare Reform
Philosophy of Ethics

Healthcare Reform
According to Teitbaum & Wilensky (2007), policies developed in different industries form an integral part of how individuals perform various activities aimed at assisting the society. Signing of Patient Protection and Affordable Act by the United States by President Barrack Obama led to a lot of changes in the health sector. The introduction of healthcare reform in the health sector act brought about many reforms that ensues affordable healthcare services to all regardless of financial status. The healthcare reform ensures every American citizen has a private or government insurance to take care of ...view middle of the document...

The virtue ethics ensures that every person should be in a position to access quality health care regardless of financial strains or other possible barriers. The government has the responsibility of making health care services available to all people in all locations (Banks & Gallagher, 2009).
A lot of issues are found in health provisions that require the application of care ethics. First, the patient is always in control of his or her own health decisions. Care ethics ensures that individuals stand for their rights through making their own decision when it comes to health consultation with health practitioners. For instance, an American Medical Practice ensures patients have the right to consultations with families and health care providers before engaging into any practice. Secondly, care ethics ensures a patient receives good medical practices minimizing the number of deaths for patients while under treatment. According to Loewy & Loewy (2004), care ethics in healthcare reforms focuses on offering quality approach to the delivery of medical care that control the costs while maintaining high standards that are acceptable to all citizen. The care ethics apply to patients and their families who have the rights to express their decisions to their physicians.
The application of virtue ethics and care ethics in healthcare reform has ensured health care providers have to give the necessary services to citizens irrespective of their status. Before the introduction of healthcare reform, medical practitioners never considered any ethical values while administering care to patients because there were no laws to protect patient rights. In addition, only people who were financially stable received quality health care...

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