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At first glance, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s website does a fantastic job in not only providing proper documentation and resources to job seekers and employees with potential issues, but also helping businesses and their owners in knowing the best practices they can work toward to achieve a compliant and well-run organization without discrimination. That alone helps to proactively work toward resolutions of problems, rather than just setting up employees with sufficient defense mechanisms while never addressing the roots of any issues that arise.
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When and if an employee goes on to submit a complaint of discrimination, the EEOC maintains a fully free mediation program that the business may call on to help find a solution to resolve an issue out of court. In the hopeful case that a mediator can help to end a conflict, this service is a great way to avoid a build-up of small claims in court since small business owners are very involved in every piece of their workplace and thus have a better idea to be involved in the solution, truly knowing how the outcomes may affect both sides.
It is intriguing to see that a task force has been set up to assist small businesses in avoiding discrimination issues despite the differences in the laws from small to large businesses. Based on the press release from the EEOC website, this task force will work to start initiatives and special programs all for small businesses (it references micro businesses with 50 or fewer employees) to help them make sure they comply with EEOC laws and regulations. Commissioner Constance S. Barker is quoted in the release, saying, ““This Task Force is particularly timely because America’s economic recovery depends to a large extent on the ability of small business to continue to thrive and to grow their businesses.” This statement shows us that the EEOC knows the economic impact of these businesses and wants to make sure that they have the resources necessary to comply by the multitude of laws for their hiring processes and workplace environments without having the budget for an expansive legal team like larger and multinational companies do. Those larger companies can monitor and promote the proper acts by all of their employees, especially managers, but a small business owner may not know of every necessary guideline, hence the need for this task force.
In an interview with Bloomberg BNA on January 17, 2012, Barker continues that the Small Business Administration actually qualifies a...

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