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Short Marketing Essay

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Ten to fifteen years ago, when I was at primary school, all “adidas” shoes and clothes were fakes, bought at the local market.
When I started middle school I got my first pair of authentic adidas running shoes. For my ten-year-old self they were the coolest thing ever – comfortable, pretty and a source of great envy for my classmates. Back then, authentic adidas shoes were rare and we did not even know that other adidas products existed.
A couple of years later the adidas logo could be found everywhere – on the streets, in the shops, gyms and schools.
Why? What is the secret behind adidas’ success in Estonia?
The Adidas Group has never launched advertising campaigns targeted at only one country, so to explain the reason for their success in Estonia we have to take a look at their international marketing strategies.
Success of the brand relies ...view middle of the document...

To reach other market segments, while retaining their credibility as a brand used by the athletes, adidas separated the brand into groups with different focus. As I mentioned before the adidas performance line is designed for athletes, their other group – the adidas Originals is a line of casual sports apparel.
Adidas’ goal is to make adidas Originals attractive to the lifestyle of the consumer base, which consists mostly of young people Thus, they invite fashion photographers, celebrities and mainstream athletes to work for them.
Mario Testino, a famous Peruvian fashion photographer, shot their 2006 Originals advertising campaign, singer Missy Eliot and British designer Stella McCartney designed their own lines of adidas Originals.
Missy Eliot also appeared in adidas Originals 2009 advertising campaign alongside such popular culture icons as Katy Perry, Estelle and the Ting tings, athletes Kevin Garett and David Beckham and designers Kazuki and Jeremy Scott.
Using famous people in advertising campaigns was an important tool in establishing adidas Originals as a fashion brand, but we also cannot forget the publicity. The list of celebrities, who wear Originals in their shows or are photographed in them by paparazzi, is endless.
As far as successful marketing goes, the availability of the brand is another important point. At what prices and where the products are sold is something that can make or break the success of the brand.
Adidas has 395 stores worldwide. In addition they sell through retailers and have online stores with shipping possibilities. There is one adidas performance and one adidas Originals store in Estonia; both are located in the big shopping centres in Tallinn. But adidas apparel can be found in every other clothing or sports wear store, as well.
The Adidas Group is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. And, in my opinion, it is one of the best examples, of what successful marketing can do.

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