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Short Film Script Essay

1724 words - 7 pages

Title: Bullet

POLOYAPOY: Paul, a 30 year-old paraplegic, tired of living through life
ANLIMON: Vivian, Paul’s deceased wife (only flashback appearance)
EMPHASIS: Vivian’s younger sister, who blames Paul for her death
NERI: Julie, Paul’s sister, who is only after Paul’s wealth
BONTIA: Joy, Julie’s daughter, who cares for Paul and is trusted by him
BORDIOS: Hilda, Paul’s aunt, who hates taking care of him
EBALLE: Simone, Hilda’s daughter

ORBILLA attendants at the nursing home

ELLONADO officials at the mental institution

SON former workmates of Paul

MALLARI: no role, director/cameraman
(Paul ...view middle of the document...

BONTIA: Me too Uncle. Wanna join me in watching a movie?
POLOYAPOY: Sure thing.
NERI: Wait a minute Joy. Uncle Paul’s kinda tired because of the travel, so why don’t you leave Uncle alone for a while so that he can rest.
BONTIA: OK mom, see you later Uncle Paul.

(BONTIA goes outside, NERI and POLOYAPOY talk)

POLOYAPOY: Quit your acting Julie.
NERI: Of course I will. I don’t need to act with you around.
POLOYAPOY: So, you’re still after the benefits that I will receive?
NERI: Don’t forget about the one million dollar insurance.
POLOYAPOY: You good-for-nothing scumbag! Taking advantage of me just for your greed!
NERI: Everyone needs money, don’t we?
POLOYAPOY: Not everyone.
NERI: Except for you, because you can’t use it anyway. You might as well kill yourself so that I can receive the cash as soon as possible.
POLOYAPOY: Why don’t you do it yourself, so that I can leave this Earth and end my suffering?
NERI: I wouldn’t let myself go to jail just because I killed a useless paraplegic, would I?

(NERI slaps POLOYAPOY three times)

NERI: No dinner for you tonight because Paul is cranky.

(NERI leaves room)

POLOYAPOY: Good-for-nothing sister.

(cut scene)
(BORDIOS and EBALLE visit Paul)

EBALLE: Good morning killer.
BORDIOS: How is our beloved murderer of my sister?
POLOYAPOY: For how many times will I tell you two-


BORDIOS: Shut up. You were the driver, Vivian was with you, she died beside you, therefore you killed her.
POLOYAPOY: You know that it was an accident.
EBALLE: Driving under the influence of alcohol is not an accident, you murderer!
POLOYAPOY: I didn’t want it to happen.
BORDIOS: You didn’t love her at all, to let her be with you despite of you being drunk..
POLOYAPOY: She’s my wife, for crying out loud! I didn’t want it to happen!
EBALLE: And we are her family! We were hurt more when she died than you, you worthless artist!
BORDIOS: Killer!
EBALLE: Murderer!
POLOYAPOY: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Get out of here!
BORDIOS: We will, but we’ll return to make you feel sorry.
EBALLE: Goodbye, murderer.

(BORDIOS and EBALLE leave)

(POLOYAPOY cries, and becomes hysterical)

(NERI sees POLOYAPOY becoming hysterical)

(NERI approaches POLOYAPOY)

NERI: What’s happening to you?


NERI: Why you ingrate?

(NERI calls the mental institution)

NERI: Hello, we got a crazy man gong wild here. Here’s the address…

(the officers bring POLOYAPOY into the mental hospital, cut scene)
(at the mental institution, POLOYAPOY is jailed. He just rolls his wheelchair in circles)

(BONTIA arrives)

BONTIA: Hello Uncle.
POLOYAPOY: Joy, I’m so happy to see you now.
BONTIA: Mom said that you are crazy, that’s why you were put here.
POLOYAPOY: That’s not true Joy, don’t believe what they are saying.
BONTIA: I believe you Uncle.
POLOYAPOY: Thank you Joy. It’s nice to know that there’s still one who cares for me.
BONTIA: Don’t worry about...

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