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Short Essay Declaration Of Independence

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The Declaration of Independence, written primarily by Thomas Jefferson was a radical document that summarized the colonist’s grievances against England and justified American’s separation. It announced the independence of the American Colonies from Great Britain July 4th 1776; one year after the Revolutionary War began. Some of the causes leading to the American Revolution were trade regulations, taxes and Great Britain’s power over the colonies. The colonists where unhappy and wanted to be free from England.
After the French & Indian War the relationship between Britain & the Colonies was worsening. Opportunity opened for the colonist in the western frontier but to prevent further ...view middle of the document...

Secret radical groups in the colonies took the name Son’s of Liberty and worked to oppose the Stamp tax and other revenue programs. British authorities referred to them as “Son’s of Violence.”
However the Prime Minster of 1766 pleaded for a more sympathetic treatment of the American colonists and opposed the Stamp Act. William Pit was like by the colonist but he became sick. The Chancellor of the Exchequer Charles Townsend took over his duties. Charles Townsend purposed the Townsend Acts. These Acts were a series of laws passed beginning in 1767 by the Parliament. The purpose was to raise revenue in the colonies to pay the salaries of governors and judges, by taxing lead, paint paper, glass and tea imports. Townshend died shortly after Parliament passed these acts and was succeeded by Lord North. In 1770 the Quartering Act was not renewed and the Townshend Acts are repealed by the British. However the Patriots were stubborn.
Much of the protest from came in written forms but violence would arise. The Boston Massacres occurs in 1770. A mob harasses British soldiers who then fire their muskets into the crowd, killing three, mortally wounding two others and injuring six. After the incident British troops withdrawal out of Boston. The captain of the British soldiers, Thomas Preston, is then arrested along with eight of his men and charged with murder but where found innocent....

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