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Short Essay China

679 words - 3 pages

POLI3001 Short Essay (20%) - 2015 - Due Friday 21 August 5pm (Turnitin)




Student demonstrates
inadequate research
skills; literature used is
irrelevant or insufficient;
did not use a minimum
of 8 scholarly sources.
Poor knowledge and
understanding of the
essay topic; student has
not read sufficient
and/or appropriate
material to engage with
key concepts and issues.

Student demonstrates
adequate research skills;
some literature used is
irrelevant but includes 8
scholarly references.

Student demonstrates
good research skills;
good choice ...view middle of the document...

Good - relevant and
logical argument; aim
and purpose of the
essay is clearly stated in
the Introduction; good
critical insight; good
synthesis of theoretical
and conceptual
material; good

Very good knowledge
and understanding of
the essay topic;
evidence of wide
reading and sound
critical engagement
with key concepts and
Very good - relevant
and logical argument;
aim and purpose of the
essay is clearly stated in
the Introduction; very
good critical insight;
very good synthesis of
theoretical and
conceptual material;
very good conclusion.

Excellent - original,
relevant and logical
argument; excellent critical
insight; aim and purpose of
the essay is clearly stated
in the Introduction;
excellent synthesis of
theoretical and conceptual
material; strong



Poor - frequent
typographical, spelling,
punctuation, and/or
(mechanical) errors;
expression and/or
structure need major
revision to improve
clarity; no evidence of
proofreading or editing;
word limit not
Inadequate - not in
recommended style; intext citations are
inadequate, inaccurate
or absent; Reference List
is absent or inadequate
(e.g. not in alphabetical
order, not all references
used in the body are

Satisfactory - some
mechanical errors;
expression and/or
structure need minor
revision to improve clarity;

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