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Short Essay

753 words - 4 pages

Being Macbeth

ENG 125
Instructor: Sahag Gureghian

Being MacBeth
Talk about a difficult read! Macbeth is definitely a difficult read, but it is also a very good read. There is something about the way it is written that has you raising your eyebrow and widening your eyes, as well as, questioning what was just read. Shakespeare used many elements when writing Macbeth. He was able to express each and every idea vividly using the elements. The three elements that I chose to discuss in this essay are foreshadowing, symbolism, and language.
The first element that I would like to discuss is foreshadowing. A lot of foreshadowing took place in Macbeth. Clugston defines ...view middle of the document...

We later discover that Macbeth does become the Thane of Cawdor. This causes Macbeth to wonder about other things that the witches spoke of and he begins to think horrible things. He evens states at one point that he is unsure of who he is. He has thoughts of murder and greed in order to cease power over the king. In a sense, Macbeth goes crazy, and so does Lady Macbeth. They are consumed by what they think they know and they do everything imaginable and some things unimaginable in order to make sure they get what they want. There was also a lot of symbolism that took place in Macbeth.
One use of symbolism that I noticed was when the witches would come there would always be thunder, or thunder and lightning, or darkness. This, to me, was a sign that they were bad or that something bad would happen. Ross speaks of the darkness as does Lady Macbeth and each time it is in reference to evil or something bad. Ross refers to darkness strangling a lamp in Act 2 scene 4. Lady Macbeth’s reference comes in Act 1 scene 5 when I speaking of murdering King Duncan so that Macbeth will become king. Another use of symbolism is the when...

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