"Shootout At Big Muddy" By Artist Carl Hantman

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While visiting the Cook Center I chose the painting Shootout at Big Muddy by Carl Hantman because I saw so much going on in the simple painting. It invoked a lot of thought as well as visual stimulation.The medium of this piece is oil paint while the support is board. It's dimensions are 39" by 28". The values are mostly dark with fewer exceptions of light. The artist mixed warm hues of rich reddish earth tones as well as using hues of blue. I believe this piece to be representational but definitely not naturalistic. I also think this piece to be alla prima. The horizon line seems to be directly above the centered portrait view.The focal point seems to be centered in the painting. The subject matter or figure's shape suggest that it is divided into four closely painted positive shapes. The four positive ...view middle of the document...

It looks as if the horses have an objective point in the distance, far from the viewer's range.Above the figure are mainly dark values overtaking lighter ones, suggesting a blue sky covered by storm or night. The upper ground has obvious circular lines with diagonal lines implying movement. Below the figure, the ground is of mainly dark values with hues of brownish reds and earthy browns. The lower ground also has obvious brush strokes with various diagonal strokes implying movement as well.This painting contains implied texture in how the shrubs were painted. They look rough and dry. There is also implied texture in how the artist painted the horses manes, in which they appear course but light.I believe that there is more content in this painting than it seemed to have at first glance.There are two men or cowboys on horseback, one behind the fist. The one behind the first, seems to be more strong and stable. This figure was painted darkly while the other figure was painted lighter. I think that this as well as the sky above being seemingly bright blue covered by a dark seemingly chaotic storm suggest a possible battle of good and evil. The title of this painting suggest a battle as well or the ending of one.The painting also depicts what looks like the back, dark figure recently shot the lighter valued figure in front and is falling from his horse, suggesting that in this battle, evil prevailed.The sky chaotic and detailed with the darker colors almost engulfing the lighter hues of blue while the earth seems completely dark, not as well focused and vast containing many implied lines of movement. I think that this suggest a faster movement than the figures because of the visual brush strokes but more obvious, the slight color gradient is diagonally directional as well. As if the earth and sky were spinning around them during this battle.

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