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Shoe Business Essay

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As a result of believing in core values, the cultural dimension of an outstanding customer service, and creating that positive atmosphere in a harmony with innovation. The outcome is outstanding, employees become passionate about their job and breaking sales record while sharing laughter and connecting to people. In the first question I would say the Zappos company culture shows three hidden characteristics good, bad and ugly in this organization.
First, The good side. The company’s overall great performance was proven by growth in sales in 1998 at million to 1 billion in 2008¹. That type of performance was a result of Zappos culture, creating that customer loyalty team in the front lines ...view middle of the document...

The main idea for Zappos is to have fun and get the work done. It’s an adoption to a lifestyle. Tony is determined to reach this milestone, and representing the Zappos Brand through creating the strong culture in the team, because ‘great things happen if you make employees happy’³. Recognition of ‘weirdness’ in each person, embracing diversity and accepting true personalities⁵. Basically, be yourself and let’s make history and money in the same time.
Second, the bad side, Zappos culture demonstrates a lack of structure; no definition, no job titles as one video promoted, “this imparts edginess and a fresh approach”⁴, but I think hinders and lacks the common logic in operating a business. When visitors tour the company, they find contradiction between wacky offices, crazy environment and outstanding results. This culture represents a group of people that might perform but it seems almost too cult-like, dedicating a day to shaving your head or painting your hair blue, this illustrates commitment as an associate. This yearly tradition is a party for some but I would really need to be absorbed in this type of cult to color my hair blue! In Zappos daily life, employees worship distraction and a core value of humility, throwing a ball in the air, playing arcade games and pinball or...

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