Shikoku Island And Pilgrimage Essay

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The Body, the Mind, the Pilgrimage
Shikoku Island is an expanse that is regarded sacred by the people of Japan. The island holds its spot as the birthplace of Kobo Daishi, Japanese Shingon Buddhism’s founder, and encompasses legends and historical landmarks that represent the incredible pilgrimage that thousands have undergone. This sacred land provides a connection to Kobo Daishi as you follow the path he took in his search for enlightenment, knowledge, and the truth. I believe these historical landmarks pull people around the world to travel and aid in the path of the eight-eight temples, allowing those to better understand the premise of the Kobo Daishi’s teachings of ‘body-mind’ and ...view middle of the document...

The expansive island gave Kobo Daishi a grandiose amount of space to discover the truth he was searching for. His travels led him to many places, and legends say that every temple dedicated to the pilgrimage was a place he visited on his journey. Dainichi is the center figure in mandalas and paintings in the Shingon sect of Japanese Esoteric Buddhism. Dainichi is essentially in all the temples within the pilgrimage, exemplifying to the people of the importance of its teachings. Through their travels to specific sites such as the temples of Ryozenji and Dainichji, pilgrims illuminate themselves with Dainchi Nyorai. This constant exposure to the body-mind of oneself allows one to come closer to achieving ones goal, whatever it may be. Finding one’s true self was found to be the most prominent of goals among the people of the pilgrimage, and being surrounding by an aura of “oneness” aids with the philosophical thought process one undergoes to move towards that goal.
Those on this journey are not the only ones that acquire philosophical exposer, for those who aid these pilgrims on their journey encounter exceptional experiences in finding the truth. Oneness is also pursued by those who help these pilgrims on their journey. Understanding oneself and the concept of body-mind requires a mindset of understanding the importance of others as well. Man and Dainichi Nyorai are one, and aiding those in search for the truth consists of also aiding yourself. Kobo Daishi meditated in a cave on Cape Muroto, and he did not leave until he reached enlightenment two...

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