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Shifting Scopes: Redefining Media In An Ever Converging Society

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Shifting Scopes: Redefining Media in an Ever-Converging Society

Through the application of convergence theories, governmental policies and previously conducted research, it is clear that the impact of media platform consolidation and convergence is an ever relevant factor in the changing face of our perceptions of technology and the distribution of media content. In order to adapt to the ever-shifting scopes of media, one must be readily adaptable and compliant when it comes to distinguishing new aspects of digital technologies in this age of redefine. No longer do we live in a society with definite mediums and platforms for the distribution of media content. The way we as humans obtain ...view middle of the document...

“The adaptation of media convergent conceptualizations and strategies in the context of media, economies, societies and cultures requires that society has established a predominant communication pragmatism based on visual, participatory and self-organized forms of media” (Gundelsweiler & Filk, 2012, p.49) This concept is based off the societal regard for “visualization, participation and networks” in our present state of society.
The notion of convergence is not strictly limited to one media platform –its influence is evident across the scope. In the book entitled Media Convergence: Networked Digital Media in Everyday Life, authors Graham Meikle and Sherman Young describe this very conception.“ In the convergent environment, the established platforms of radio, television, newspapers, magazines and recorded music have all been displaced by a range of networked digital media products with new affordances of engagement and interactivity” (Meikle & Young, 2012, p. 199). It is clear with adaptations and duplication of one mediums aspect into another, technologies in a sense become interchangeable and forgo their initial distinctiveness. This age of merging is referred to as “the convergence era” by authors Michael Z. Newman and Elana Levine in their book entitled Legitimating Television: Media Convergence and Cultural Status. “In our convergence era, many media come together and begin to blur into one another. Movies are watched most often on television sets, television shows are frequently screened on personal computers and mobile devices, and all of the electronic media have become digital” (Newman & Levine, 2012, p.4).
Just how beneficial or destructive is this notion of converging media platforms for society? Do these converged devices appeal to consumers more prominently than individual devices? Researchers are in disagreement. Some researchers believe that societal acceptance of converged technologies pose a significant prospect for opportunity and growth. In the book entitled Journalism and Media Convergence (2013), international media practitioners and researchers Nienstedt Heinz-Werner, Stephen Russ-Mohl and Bartosz Wilczek analyze the relationship between media convergence in the scope of society by studying its influences on consumers. Through the analysis of their own research, and through research conducted by media planning specialists, such as Jens Erichsen, it was concluded that digital media technology is in fact favorable by consumers. “Consumers are embracing the future. They still love to be entertained and informed but now use media to interact and transact, to socialize and create –happily converging media to suite themselves”(Nienstedt et al., 2013, p.6). The study concludes that consumers as a whole are increasingly finding great value in the essence and use of time. In turn, they find great efficiency and use in the multipurpose composure of converged technologies. It was also found that the actual media...

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