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Sherlock Holmes Essay

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Sherlock Holmes

In the Adventure of the Speckled Band, Sherlock Holmes' character is not as common as any investigator in life. He reveals an intelligence and cleverness personality. His qualities are shown in different ways through the story. One way is when he meets his client Helena Stoner. Other actions that show his characteristics are when he investigates Helena's bedroom and the inspection of Dr. Grimesby Roylott's room, her stepfather.

At the beginning of the story, Holmes meets a client named Helena Stoner who is looking for his help because she wants him to solve the crime of her twin Julia. He begins revealing his qualities. For example, when Holmes meets Helena Stoner, he observed a pitiful appearance and a half of a return ticket in the palm of her left glove. This brought attention to Holmes because for him that means that she had passed through ...view middle of the document...

His first intuition for trying to resolve the case was to go and investigate Julia's room, which now is Helena's room. Right after he entered into the room, Holmes noticed odd things. He saw that the bed was clamped to the floor but that wasn't so absurd than other things that he noticed while he was observing. The first really strange thing was the bell rope hanging down beside the bed, actually lying upon the pillow. Holmes took the bell rope in his hand and pulled it. What he discovered was that the bell rope didn't produce a sound and that was hanging to the other side of Dr. Roylott's room through a ventilation opening, for Holmes that was very strange. Anyways, rare things are anywhere, but a ventilator that supposedly ventilates two bedrooms and doesn't work? Holmes thought that was enough of Helena's room. So he moved on.

Inspecting Dr. Grimesby Roylott's chamber was kind of the main point to obtain evidence. Holmes carefully examines each and every keenest detail inside the room. Rare things as a small saucer of milk on top of a shelf made him think that Dr. Roylott owns a cat. Surprise, he has a cheetah and a baboon. Holmes thinks that a cheetah is a big cat for that small saucer of milk on top of the shelf because that doesn't satisfy its wants. Holmes continues noticing interesting and unusual things around the room, like a dog lash hanging on one corner of Roylott's bed. The lash was curled and tied upon the bed so as to make loops of whipcord. This evidence showed Holmes that Dr. Roylott was evil and at the same time witty to commit a crime.

Sherlock Holmes is a man with an intelligence and cleverness confirmed by diverse observations that a common person wouldn't notice at a first sight, as he did. He is devoted to his job because he doesn't do it for the money but for the passion. Holmes experience is what had helped him reveal the truth of cases that doesn't provide enough evidence and because of the awareness that he posses, he develops the truth of it.

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