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Sheng Siong Board Of Directors Essay

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MGMT 436 Strategic Management
Activity 2.4 – Assignment: Analyze Board of Directors


|Board of Directors | |
|Executive Chairman |Mr Lim Hock Eng |
|Chief Executive Officer |Mr Lim Hock Chee |
|Managing Director |Mr Lim Hock Leng |
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|Contributions | |
|Level of involvement |Active Participation |


|Background |Involved in assurance, business advisory, and transaction advisory service at |
| |Arthur Andersen in 1996 |
| |Appointed as Independent Director on 22 June 2011 |
|Qualification |Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy (Hons) at Nanyang Technological University in |
| |1996 |
|Internal or External |External |
|Share Holders |Chief financial officer of Youyue International Limited |
|Contributions | |
|Level of involvement |Active Participation |


|Background |Appointed as Independent Director on 22 June 2011 |
|Qualification |Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy at National University of Singapore in 1990 |
| |Master’s degree in Business Administration (Investment and Finance) at University |
| |of Hull in 1993 |
|Internal or External |External |
|Share Holders |Director of Wise Alliance Investments Ltd |
| ...

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