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Shared Themes In A Clockwork Orange And Never Let Me Go

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A Clockwork Orange and Never Let Me go are both set in a dystopian future. They both deal with a young protagonist trying to accept their fate in their respective societies. However. They are very different people, Alex Delarge is very impulsive and quick to anger person, Kathy H. is very empathetic and mild-mannered person. But they can still both be considered an “anti-hero”, they have that in common. Therefore both of these books share many themes, but since they were written in two different time periods, and the societies of these dystopian futures are very different, they have different approaches/views as to how to deal with the problems present in the novels.
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The writings of George Orwell, Meir Gillon, and Aldous Huxley were the writings he ones he cited as providing inspiration. The Russian inspired “slovos” comes from one of his short stay in Leningrad as well.
The governments in both novels are highly involved in the protagonists’ lives. They are both test subjects for experiments done by the government. In both cases the experiments are done so that the government can gain something. The government does not care what happens to either of them, they just want to get what they want done. The main goal of the government in both societies is to stay in power.
In A Clockwork Orange it is to find out if it is possible to stop criminals from behaving in their reckless and violent manner. Therefore Alex is experimented on; in the experiment he loses his ability to make his own conscience decisions as all human beings are capable to do. In Never Let Me Go it is to harvest organs so that the “human” society can benefit. They are “being stripped of their identity and labeled as mere copies” (Marcks). In both cases the protagonists are being made less than human. This then brings the question if what the government is and is capable of doing is morally correct and what makes an individual a human. In A Clockwork Orange it is said that a freedom of choice is what makes an individual human. In Never Let Me Go it is their ability to be artistic and creative makes them individual humans. In the process of trying to help their whole society they put more value on the whole society over the individual person.
When they find out what is being done to him, Alex tries to react in anger, but since he’s lost all human will to the governments experiment he can do anything. In the society he lives in he is no longer capable of defending himself in now, he’s brutally beat up multiple times, once by police men who used to be his old “droogs”. He just wants what was done to him reversed. But the government wants it to be believed that he is doing the “socially accepted course of action” because he now has a “truly Christian” person (Otilia 66). Now the questions arise; is this morally correct for a government to do and is Alex still human after their actions? Alex has no choice in his own destiny, he does not have a fundamental trait that all humans do, the ability to choose. "Very hard ethical questions are involved," he went on. "You are to be made into a good boy, 6655321. Never again will you have the desire to commit acts of violence or to offend in any way whatsoever against the State's Peace. I hope you take all that in. I hope you are absolutely clear in your own mind about that." (Burgess 106). This trait that may not seem like much, it might be taken for granted, but it is what separates us from tools, machines, robots, etc. none of these have ability to make their own conscience decisions. Even Alex took this for granted in the start, when he found out he was going to be the guinea pig for the governments...

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