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Shane by Angela Day

“Shane” is a screenplay that was based on Jack Schaefer's 1949 book of the same name. The film is a classic western tale which is a very familiar and highly regarded in the western genre and the most successful Western of the 1950s and it is also a period piece since it is set in the late 1800’s. The film's rich color cinematography captures the beautiful environment of the frontier which was filmed on location in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with the mountains as a backdrop. The location and the having been filmed in color is effective in telling the story and had it been done in black and white it would have lost some of the visual impact. This film received ...view middle of the document...

Another setting that impacted the story was the border town inhabited by the Ryker’s; the town in Shane is desolate and not many buildings have been erected although the story would infer that this town was superior to the homesteads. The emptiness represents an eerie and unsafe location; even though the town is so deserted it still has the main wooden buildings visual in most western films. There is the saloon, mostly occupied by Ryker and his men, The Grayston general store which is separated only by the saloon doors, the blacksmiths, where Tory is visiting (before he gets murdered by gun-slinging Wilson) and finally a hotel.
Facial expressions and body language are very important in the visual style of Shane. The ranchers are very angry and unwelcoming. They show this by their reaction when Shane enters the saloon. They stare at him and are not happy with him being in their territory. The music is much more intense when we are in the company of the ranchers. The film also used the technique of dramatic foils by how the Ryker’s contrasted Shane and the homesteaders, using the visual technique of light and dark colors.
The use of low-angle shots was used in the scenes of watching a fist-fight as horse hooves stomp dust right up against the lens and up the tension of the fight; and then dissolve from a cemetery into a shot of Shane heading into battle. Sound effects were also present in this film but the most memorable would have to...

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